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USA Patent Rogers Snare Drum 1960's Drawings - Photoseeum

USA Patent Rogers Snare Drum 1960's Drawings

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Rogers Snare Drum 1960's Patent Art Print Drawing

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Rogers is probably most famous for its "Dyna-Sonic" snare drum, which featured a number of innovations. In particular was a unique cradle in which the snare wires were supported. This meant that the longitudinal tension of the snare wires could be adjusted independently of the vertical force holding the snares against the bottom head. As a result, the snares could be tensioned as tightly as the drummer wanted without having to pull the snares against the head so hard they constrained (choked) the head's vibration. This and other innovations (for example, a remarkably shallow -- 4/1000" -- snare bed) made possible by the novel tensioning arrangement gave the drum a relatively crisp and recognizably-clear sound. Dyna-Sonics were made from about 1961 until the mid-80's.

This set contains 2 pages of drawings as shown in the photos above. Prints are 8.5" by 11.0" (21.6 by 27.9 cm) in size and are ready to frame for display. Please note that resoloution of these pictures has been optimized for fast picture loading here on Shopify. The actual files are as sharp as the original document permits. This is an excellent quality reproduction of the original drawings in high resolution taken directly from the US Patent Office archives. This reproduction was digitally restored and in some cases altered to remove defects or unwanted artifacts present in the original patent document. The artwork is printed in black and white on premium acid free, lignin-free archival 24lb/90g/m 8 1/2" by 11" Magna Carta parchment paper for that historical look and is ready to frame. This replicates the authentic and original feel of the patent document. Please note that the images shown are displayed on a white background for clarity instead of the natural color of the parchment paper. These patents make great conversational pieces and look fabulous framed in lobbies or waiting rooms as decorative wall art. Other great uses for these patents are: game rooms, dorm rooms, restaurants, bars, or cottages. They also make great gifts for those people who are difficult to buy for. Most people have an interest or hobby that can relate to a specific patent. Check out our other patent drawings in our Shopify Store.

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