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Kaiser Fraser Automobile Willow Run Launch Vintage Sepia Card Stock Photo 1940s - Photoseeum

Kaiser Fraser Automobile Willow Run Launch Vintage Sepia Card Stock Photo 1940s

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Kaiser-Fraser 1947 Automobile Willow Run Launch Photo

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The Kaiser-Frazer Corporation was the result of a partnership between autombile executive Joseph W. Frazer and Industrialist Henry J. Kaiser of Kaiser Company/Kaiser Industries. The company also combined the dwindling assets of the former Graham-Paige Motor Company. The company was founded on July 25, 1945 and in 1946 K-F displayed prototypes of their two new cars at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The Kaiser was of an advanced front wheel drive design while the Frazer was an upscale conventional rear wheel drive car. The production costs and time available prevented the front wheel drive design from seeing production so the new 1947 Kaiser and Frazer shared bodies and powertrains. Being some of the first newly designed cars to hit the market while the "Big Three" were still marketing their pre-war designs, the Kaisers and Frazers made quite an exciting entrance. Kaiser and Frazer would continue to share bodies and engines through 1950 with different exterior and interior trimming. Here is a neat collectible from the past, that would be great displayed as decorative wall art in: Game Rooms, Dorms, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Studios, Waiting Rooms etc. This "Sephia" photo card is a reproduction on a quality cardboard stock. These are not high quality photos printed on photo paper. These are also not computer scans and then inkjet printed. Due to the age of the original pictures some of the images contain faults that are also present in these exact reproductions. None of these sepia photos have been photo shopped or corrected. What you see is what you get. The photo card is 8 1/2 by 11 inches. These wil be shipped in a well protected mailer with two 9 x 12 inch #150 corrugated Pads 1/8 inch thick sheets of cardboard. I do not use previously bent or used cardboard for this purpose. This process insures that your photo cards are not bent, creased or dinged in shipment. You also do not get any stains or color rub off from cardboard printing that may be printed on recycled cardboard.

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