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Drink Coca Cola Vending Machine 1951 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo - Photoseeum

Drink Coca Cola Vending Machine 1951 8x10 Reprint Of Old Photo

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Coca Cola Machine White Customers Only 8x10 Reprint Of Photo


Here is a neat collectible featuring a vintage Coca Cola machine. Size 8x10 Reprint Of inches. The photo depicts a Mills 120-B2 Coca-Cola machine. It was made by the Mills Novelty Company, Chicago. The original machines were 5 cents and gave change for a quarter. There was a real empty Coca-Cola bottle in the door. The machine is from 1951. They added a one-cent rejector to the front to make the soda 6 cents prior to Coke going to ten cents in 1960. The machine asks for racially-biased patrons. Reproduced photo is in mint condition. This photo will be shipped protected in a padded mailer. Please note the Photoseeum fine print in the foreground of all the photos will not be in the printed version you purchase. All of our photos are developed in photo labs, using the finest photography stock available such as Kodak & Fuji or other quality brand name product. We do not print off our photos on cheap inkjet home printers, like so many other photo sellers here on Shopify. The old saying here get what you pay for.

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